Dyserth Road Under New Management

Dyserth Road “Under New Management” is a small portable DCC layout built using two 4ft by 2ft boards to give a total of 8ft by 2ft. The layout depicts a small locomotive fuelling point with stabling sidings two of which are fitted with 25kv overhead wires for the stabling of electric locomotives. A small wagon repair facility and maintenance shed are also incorporated to add some extra operational interest.
The layout is very much modern image and although it depicts a EWS facility many of today's colourful liveries from other private operators can be observed.
The layout is operated via a Lenz Digital Command Control (DCC) unit. This is a system where the operator keys in a specific number on a keypad and then ''drives" the train with no need for individual isolating sections of track. Another advantage of DCC is the continuous power feed to the track, which enables locomotive sounds lights and other functions to be controlled via the keypad.

By Ben Stephens

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